Last update 18.07.2019

WHO I am? 

I’m a food&biotech engineer with considerable professional experience in the pharmaceutical quality (QC/QA and QP) for large companies; for example, Sandoz, Pfizer, Novartis etc.  In addition, I have extensive personal experience in clinical nutrition. For more information, could you visit the “about me” page or see below under “professional and personal experience”.

Professional experience
– pharmaceutical representative for cardiovascular products. This included visiting doctors’ offices and hospitals
– training in medical fields and in marketing / sales
– responsible for giving information about leading medications in the field of cardiovascular diseases in Ticino, Switzerland (visiting doctor’s practice, be involved in medical congresses)

 Personal experience
After a life-threatening disease which left me deeply upset, with no hope of recovery, I and my doctors decided to take matters into our own hands and see if we could improve my recovery with both medication and nutrition. After much research and experimentation, the answer we came up with was to adapt my daily nutrition, while continuing with medical therapies. The most important beneficial result was increasing my overall energy levels while continuing to live a constructive and contented life. Having lived with illnesses and overcome them, I can easily and effectively understand the needs that healthcare professionals or doctors have, and support them. My personal experience and the knowledge gained make me an optimal specialist for sustain a health-related nutrition. This online support is part of a project to regain some work skills and it’s approved by my attending doctor.

 WHAT I will do? 

I will support as a health coach persons concerned or interested in nutrition, medical professionals and doctors, by sharing with them up-to-date and relevant information or promoting their knowledge on nutrition in Italian (IT), French (FR), German (DE) or English (EN). With this service, I’m a third-party support that helps healthcare professionals or doctors by researching, sharing or promoting, the relevant, clear and up-to-date scientific information on nutrition.

I will provide you with the basic principles that are: prefer the local, seasonal and organic foods, have a balanced meal and respect the circadian rhythms. With my support, you can then manage, with ease, the right indications and these will become part of your daily life in a natural and harmonious way and thus become a simple automatism (a daily habit). Once you become your habits, you will never abandon them again and your health will benefit.

HOW I will propose?

I will offer online (or personal) support / sessions for specified social networks, persons concerned or interested, medical professionals and doctors. They can contact me in the contact page of this website, via the contact form and explain briefly in the ’message box’ which service or support they need.

I will support them by sharing all information for example by e-mail (quickly and without additional time involved in traveling to an office or a place of work).

As Hippocrates claimed, each disease begins in the gut and our microbiome (intestinal flora), is unique and individual, just like our fingerprints. For this reason, I propose to the interested person coaching sessions with 2 diaries (nutrition, life arena) the coaching diary, we will also analyze your food diary of the last 2 weeks (only the type of food you ate, without the quantity). We are here to listen to you and advise you for the best way to stay or recover your health.

Main activities

– personal meeting or online session as a health coach (with a coaching diary, food diary, pH-indicator for urine);

– support in providing links to scientific news or current scientific publications;

– providing a basic training for a healthy nutrition (basic nutrition page);

– teach people how to shop properly and recognize healthy products (understand food labeling);

– promotion of health-related nutrition on social networks (see below).

An opportunity that makes more resources available to all. A first exchange therefore of professionalism, knowledge and time followed. The coach guarantees a connection, organizes meetings and guarantees solidarity. I welcome, protect and support people by making them more aware and responsible about eating habits.

A health coach who leads the ways in diseases prevention or management.

Please find the digital visit card here: e-Nutrient Vcard

My service on socials

Creation of a Facebook page e-Nutrient,  on the 25 July 2018, that favors a special interconnection for all the people. A portal for health-related nutrition that enhances the information “gene” with the aim of socializing, reading and informing on healthy nutrition.

The page share a lot of curiosity from the web on healthy nutrition:

Creation of a Twitter and Instagram page, on the 5 September 2018.