The secret of health

The secrets of HEALTH are nutrition, physical activity and mental health. Health is the most important aspect of our life and without health and love, nothing can be done. You want to stay healthy? Then, master these areas:

        1. Your nutrition
        2. Your physical exercise 
        3. Your mental balance

To master health, absolutely avoid these factors:
– Processed food
– Sugar
– Meat
– Dairy
– Artificial ingredients
– Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, legal / illegal drug use, lack of sleep
– Lack of exercise or extreme exercises
– Chronic stress
– Negative emotions like guilt and unforgiveness
– Spiritual sickness
– Environmental toxic exposure like trafic, noises or radiations

As already listed, at first, change your nutrition by eliminating the most important foods that cause hyperacidity in the body, namely meat, dairy products and sugar. The body must compensate for the resulting acidity, i.e. it must compensate with bases. Bases are e.g. minerals from fruits and vegetables. Why has the body to compensate? The pH of the blood must be stable. Such a diet with only few fruits and vegetables really is unhealthy. The bases are then removed from the body in general, e.g. teeth, hair, to keep the pH of the blood stable, with the result that the body gets sick and diseases appear.

A good advice for this Corona virus is to trengthen your immune system through a gut-friendly diet and supplements (e.g. probiotics, vitamin D3, C or others with medical prescription).

Why should we manage diet, sport and, in general, our lifestyle? For health in general, but also to overcome genetic diseases… In this case, we’re talking about epigenetic.

We are privileged to be able to circumvent the limits of our genetic code using epigenetic strategy as described above. I recommend reading the book of Dr. Fabio Piccini, le tecniche di biohacking, 2019.

Thereby some scientific information on epigenetic: epigenetic is a chemical reaction of methylation of our DNA or methylation and/or acetylation of histones responsible for the expression or not of one specific gene. External factors like food, inactivity, stress, pollution or others factors are influencing our epigenetic for the expression or not of our genes. The mutated genes (cancer) MUST be expressed to PROGRESS in the different stages of the disease until death. To stop this process, we can change, as described above, the external factors like nutrition, physical effort or mental health and ensure our health.

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Disclaimer: This text is only for illustration purposes and does not replace your doctor’s opinion. It is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Absolutely avoid DIY (do-it-yourself) and get medical attention.

Last update 01.06.2020