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I have compiled a list of excellent sources like teaching materials from the web or health-related books  (from physicians, nutritionists, health practitioners and so on). These scientific sources provide a wide range of information for you to access and improve your knowledge. Feel free to share your knowledge, if you have any interesting books or teaching materials you can contact me.

2. Books

Dr. Fabio Piccini, tecniche di biohacking, 2019. This book is in Italian and summarizes in an exemplary way what I have tried to explain on my website, with the valuable addition of medical studies and practical details.
➡️ I recommend it, it is a must!

Dr. Anne Katharina Zschoke, Darmbakterien als Sclüssel zur Gesundheit, 2014. The book is available in different languages.

Dr. Maria Rosa Di Fazio, sconfiggere il male, 2018. The book is in Italian and others very interesting books by the same author are also available (3, totally 4).

Dr. Martin J. Blaser, Missing microbes, 2014. This extraordinary book explains in detail, with scientific references of relevance, the world of bacteria and our intestinal flora (microbiota) and is available in different languages. The author is a doctor specializing in infectious diseases.

Cramer and McComsey,  Seagan Eating: The Lure of a Healthy, Sustainable Seafood + Vegan Diet, 2016. This book makes a strong case for those looking for a healthier diet nd is available in different languages, the seagan nutrition is also reported in their link.

Thomas Colin Campbell, The China Study, 2006. This book, revised and expanded The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health, was a huge project, conducted by the biochemist Thomas Colin Campbell.  A valuable book on the eating habits of our times and how they can affect and heal the individual (available in different languages).

Dr. Denis Gingras and Prof. Richard Béliveau, Foods to Fight Cancer: What to Eat to Reduce your Risk, 2017 . This is an interesting book is written by a professor in biochemistry and an oncologist and is available in different languages.

Dr Franco Berrino, Daniel Lumera and David Mariani, Ventuno giorni per rinascere. Il percorso che ringiovanisce corpo e mente, 2018. This book is in Italian.

Dr. Franco Berrino, Medicina da mangiare, 2017 . This book contains many healthy recipes, is in Italian.

Dr. Franco Berrino and Luigi Fontana, La grande via: alimentazione, movimento, meditazione per una lunga vita felice, sana e creativa, 2017 . This book resume different factors like nutrition, movement and meditation to stay healthy, in Italian.

Dr. Franco Berrino, Il cibo dell’uomo: la via della salute tra conoscenza scientifica e antiche saggezze, 2015 . A scientific book about nutrition, in Italian.

Dr. Franco Berrino, Alimentare il benessere: come preventive il cancro a tavola, 2017. A book about nutrition in Italian.

Dr. Franco Berrino, Anna Villarini, Giovanni Allegro, Prevenire i tumori mangiando con gusto, 2013. An excellent book in Italian.

Anna Villarini, Prevenire in cucina mangiando con gusto: secondo le ricette della tradizione italiana, 2014. This book contains many healthy mediterranean recipes and other helpful information about healthy balanced diets. A cook book by Anna Villarini (biologist with the specialization in food science) and is for Italian speakers.

Find more on recipes in my post of 5 November 2018: link.

3. Online tools

SBMI calculatorThe SBMI (Smart Body Mass Index) shows the ‘ideal’ range of BMI from birth to old age and the ‘normal weight’ range according to the WHO (World Health Organization). This calculator computes the body mass index and rates it appropriately depending on age. It calculates the weight and height of your body, your age and your sex and gives you a score. This helps you to know where are you now.

IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) provides a huge amount of practical information for protecting yourself against cancer. The Agency has drawn up 12 recommendations in their document entitled the ‘European Code Against Cancer’ which shows what actions any individual citizen can take to help prevent cancer. Here is the link.

WCRF (the World Cancer Research Fund International) provides a pdf file listing their main recommendations for a healthy nutrition to prevent cancer. – an interesting website in Italian and in English (Inglese, powered by Google translator) with healthy mediterranean recipes. On this website, Italian speakers can find many healthy mediterranean recipes and other helpful information about healthy balanced diets. – an interesting website in Italian with readings, videos and more from a doctor (Dr. med. Franco Berrino). He also has a page on Facebook.

Disclaimer: This text is only for illustration purposes and does not replace your doctor’s opinion. It is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Last update 16.12.2021