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1. My service as Health Advisor

My service is empowering individuals to improve their health or empowering facilities and organizations geared towards the improvement of quality of life and general well-being of their teams.

2. My method (Temple of Health)

After being diagnosed with leukemia, I resigned from my post as deputy QP and QA Manager in a big pharmaceutical company, and started an online ICF Accredited Coach Training Program which concluded with a diploma.

During this time, that I spent at home studying coaching and doing my best to heal, I developed my method for general well-being, I called “Temple Of Health”.

I have now decided to pass this method on to all those who could profit from it. Why? It’s a method that allowed me to heal considerably, going from a painful condition, tied to the wheelchair, to walk, and even run again.

This method is very simple and generates a great sense of security, because, for each topic, you are focused on the actions you have decided to take. This document remains available to you and can be consulted at any time. I personally use the digital version that I always have with me on my smartphone.

Once learned, you can also do it independently by yourself, whenever you feel the need… Also, if you are simply struggling to manage your health, or need to be motivated to implement better habits, contact me.

⚠️ only for people/companies ready to work seriously on their own health

3. Contact / contact page

Are you interested?

Then contact me and I’ll train you on my method. Your privacy is guaranteed. We can connect via an online services, e.g. FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom, GoToMeeting, others, or simply by email. It gives us the opportunity to save money and our time for travelling/moving, but also we can be green and protect our planet.

Lucia Käufeler
Biotech & Food Ing.
Switzerland CH

Contact link HERE

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