My service

1° external consulting for all people who want to do primary prevention (how to prevent disease with nutrition, physical activity and sleep) or a more specific advice for the healthcare sector.

2° support for probiotics industries
Thanks to my long experience (CV) in the pharmaceutical industry, I can offer a valuable contribution to the probiotic industry in particular. Why? For one, because I am convinced that every disease originates in the intestine, as Hippocrates claimed 400 years BC, and secondly because I have tested on myself various diets and products that have helped me recover. To recover my health, I have also taken an interest in the world of probiotics, participating in specific medical congresses on the subject of probiotics. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge on this subject. If required, we can sign a technical agreement between the two parties for privacy protection and to ensure that the targets set at the start will be fulfilled within the agreed deadline. We can connect via an online service, e.g. FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom or simply by email. It gives us the opportunity to save money, time for travelling and to protect the environment.

3° training on the coaching method “nutrient’s home”, only for coaches
After being diagnosed with leukemia, I resigned from my post as deputy QP and QA Manager in a big pharmaceutical company, and started an online ICF Accredited Coach Training Program which concluded with a diploma. During this time that I spent at home, studying coaching and doing my best to improve my health, I developed my coaching method, I called “Nutrient’s Home”. I have now decided to pass this method on directly to people working as a health coach. Why? It’s a method that allowed me to improve my health considerably, going from a painful condition, tied to the wheelchair, to walk, and even run again. This method is very simple and generates a great sense of security. Are you interested as a health coach? Then contact me and I’ll train you on this wonderful method.


Last update 22.07.2020