On this page you can find:

    1. A definition of mission;
    2. How to find out your mission;
    3. My Mission.

1. A definition of mission

The literary definition of “mission” is sending someone somewhere to do some specific task. While in a figurative sense it means to achieve a deeper degree of satisfaction.

The Mission, it’s something we’re willing to struggle and fight for and get back up on our feet after a fall, without effort, obligations or rules.

2. How to find out your mission

Throughout life you’ll have multiple purposes and missions. What matters most for you? Follow your interests and your passion. Explore them and you will find what is right for you. Always remain in harmony with yourself and make a list of activities that are satisfying and effortless to do, always asking yourself

“What kind of activity would I do for the next 5 years FOR FREE?”

So just look around yourself and ask, “How can I help?” In the spirit of service you will soar to your full potential.

If you feel totally stuck in, thinking “I have no idea what I’m supposed to do”, then what you’re supposed to do is to change, shift and ask how you can help people.

Finding your mission is much more a matter of instinct than reason. You have to listen to your heart to figure out who you really are and what you want to do.

There are two ways that can help in identifying one’s mission: the first one is through meditation, to be in the silence and going deep into oneself, and the second one is to write it down on paper, to find clarity.

Discover what is important, meaningful and fulfilling. Find out your message to the world, believe in it and support it in every way you can.

3. My Mission

My personal Mission, I have the mission to improve my Health, even if it can be a struggle, be tiring, be a difficult and challenging. But I do this with passion and joy.

My mission for the world is empowering individuals to improve their health or empowering facilities and organizations geared towards the improvement of quality of life and general well-being of their teams.

I could help anyone who has gone through major health challenges in their life to get back to living joyfully.

I can listen to people and give them fresh ideas of smart activities or healing methods for their life area, like nutrition or body health. It’s like getting a larger picture of the current situation and find out new possibilities that can improve our quality of life. For more, see on my service page.

My message to the world is…

Even after a serious health issue, enjoy your life, live the best quality of life as you can. Be resilient, be brave and adapt your new abilities to this new situation of life. I’ll be proud to give you my support through my personal experience, with faith and love.

You have to find the right balance between good mental health and good emotional health.

First edition 31.05.2021
Last update 16.12.2021