About me

Last update 17.07.2019

I’m a food&biotech engineer, with a huge professional experience in the pharmaceutical quality, I had cancer and an internal hemorrhage from cancer with consequent long rehabilitation in hospitals (7 months). Since then I’m fully engaged in primary prevention, namely have:

1. a healthy diet (nutrition);
2. a correct physical activity (sport);
3. a good mental health (sleep/relax or stress management).

A secondary prevention consists of early diagnosis and this can only be managed by doctors, in collaboration with patients.

I want to inform you and share with you some important information  and knowledge about nutrition/sport/lifestyle with “nutrient” to improve your health and life. Why? I have overcome health difficulties and I have felt on my own skin how best to react and move forward.

The benefits of adapting the daily nutrition, exercising and planing some relaxing time are huge and allow you to stay healthy and be productive in your daily wonderful life.

Scientific or non-scientific sources of my posts are often external links from official websites, such as those of the Swiss Confederation (in DE, FR, IT), the WHO (in EN, FR), the WCRF (in EN) or others.

My posts could be in Italian (IT), English (EN), French (FR) and German (DE).

My qualifications are: bachelor in food technologies; bachelor in life technologies and master in coaching

My service is to support you as a health coach and is described in details on this page.

In general, I will provides you with the basic principles of a healthy nutrition&lifestyle and makes them your habits, with ease.


“to be healthy means to be able to fully enjoy each moment of your life”

L. Käufeler