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On this page you can find:

    1. Mission
    2. Healing journey
    3. Qualifications

1. My mission

I’m a biotech engineer, with a huge professional experience in the pharmaceutical quality. I had cancer and an internal hemorrhage, with consequent long rehabilitation in different RH clinics (7 months).

Since April 2016, I’m fully engaged in primary prevention, find therefore what I can do or change to make my risk of getting sick lower. (While secondary prevention is an early diagnosis, managed by doctors, in collaboration with patients.)

Examples of primary prevention include:
– have a healthy diet;
– do a correct physical activity;
– have a good emotional and mental health;
– have a correct acidity in the body.

With this website, and for free, I want to share with you some important information on nutrition, sport and healthy habits to change your lifestyle for the better.

My health advices are not intended as an alternative medicine, but are essential complementary elements in addition to medication and do not replace the advice of a doctor. Avoid DIY (do-it-yourself).

Why this Mission?

I have been through serious health problems myself and I have felt on my own skin how best to react and move forward.

I do my best to share with you the pivotal moment for me, with my new healthy habits. A step-by-step transformation (a really NEW way of live), who shows benefit already after 3 weeks of the first step.

My mission is empowering individuals to improve their health or empowering facilities and organizations geared towards the improvement of quality of life and general well-being of their teams. For more, see my service page.

I would have the pleasure of guiding you through HEALTH only by your request, without expectations. You can contact me here.

2. My healing journey

The past
In 2016 I was a 42-year-old person working in the industry as Quality Assurance (QA) Manager and Deputy Qualified Person (QP) as a food & biotech engineer (Bachelor of Science, BSc) to certify every batch of drugs before sale or delivery, that means every batch have to comply with relevant guidelines and requirements. This job position had a high responsibility. Living with my 9-year-old son, I was a mother who knew how to manage work and family life, following the principle of “work-life-balance”.

What happened?
I was diagnosed with a form of curable leukemia and after 3 months I had an internal hemorrhage. I was rushed to Zurich Hospital, where I lived, and was miraculously saved.

After this injury, I tried to create an attitude of positivity, persistence and willingness to transform my anger and improve my general well-being. As a result, my life changed positively.

The transformations, a pivotal moment for my life.
After important operations and cancer treatments, my body, my personality and my life have undergone major transformations, finding inside an “enrichment” and learned to accept and manage the illness.
Immediately after the operations, I was initially very angry about my new situation, because I had temporarily lost all my body-balance, which affected my ability to walk and, in general, to move and do my sport activities… Unfortunately even my left eye and sight changed (diplopie).

Thankfully, I had a very positive reaction right away. I had straight this positive though: “all cells in my body will regenerate, I just have to be patient and wait…”. I have learned to transform my anger about situations like this one, impossible to control, into positive energy. This energy permitted me to heal rapidly.

This life experience give me the opportunity to find a good balance between “beat illness” and “follow the flow of life”.

Just as a sailor manages to orient the sail in such a way as to use the pressure of the wind. Sailing directly against the wind is impossible and sailing only with the wind at your back allows you to go in only one direction, the one in which the wind is blowing. But, if you know how to use the energy of the wind to your benefit, you will keep your course and you will arrive, with a little patience, to your destination.


“Try something new. It’s OK to fail. It’s not the end of the world if something goes wrong, because there is no perfect way to sail.”

I start to move in harmony, agreement and alignment with myself, my Life Design and his Flow. I choose to live connected to my inner passion, finding peace and giving deep meaning to my life. I choose to do those things in harmony with myself, without effort, obligations or rules. I started to be more true to myself. Always leaving the power free to make things happen.

Let it be. Allow them to happen.

Why don’t you just relax and move on in life, it’s not about what happened in the past, or what you think might happen in the future. It’s about the ride, Holy God. There is no point in going through all this crap, if your are not going to enjoy your journey.

The awareness of my Life Design helped me find my fullest power by collaborating with it and not against it.

I practiced patience and became more trustful. I worked hard on improving my body’s well-being by making important changes in my daily nutrition, only after medical advices and controls, and always focussing on rehabilitation therapies. This all helped me to go forward, live more in the nature, change my nutrition, in a seagan diet. This diet followed a plant-based one, that includes vegetables, legumes pressure cooked, nuts, seeds, and grains like millet or sorghum, with fish (2-3 portions per week) and egg (1 each 2 weeks). Vegetables are only organic, local and seasonal. No red meat, no pork, no poultry, no diary, no sugars, no refined flour, no processed food, no junky food, less artificial added chemicals (organic). The nutritional value of my diet was confirmed by specific analysis and supervised from my doctors.

This disciplined nutrition and the excellent lifestyle allow me to recover easier, prevent further diseases and make rapid progress in improving my general well-being.


Having personally experienced the power of nutrition, lifestyles and medical therapies, I have decided to commit myself to share my story with you and, hopefully, inspire you.

I’m deeply grateful to all the people whom I love for their precious presence, help and support during this difficult period of my life.

“The progress of healing is miraculous, NEVER GIVE UP!”

3. My qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Food Technologies (1999);
Bachelor of Science in Life Technologies (2008, main);
Master in Coaching (2018);
Health Advisor: GET (ganzheitlich Ernährungstrainer) ongoing

“to be healthy means to be able to fully enjoy each moment of your life”

First edition 22.09.2018
Last update 31.10.2023