About me

I’m a biotech engineer, with a huge professional experience in the pharmaceutical quality, I had cancer and an internal hemorrhage from cancer with consequent long rehabilitation in hospitals (7 months). Since then I’m fully engaged in primary prevention (link), namely have:

    1. a healthy diet (basic nutrition, link);
    2. a correct physical activity (body health, link);
    3. a good sleep, relax and stress management (mental health, link).

A secondary prevention consists of early diagnosis and this can only be managed by doctors, in collaboration with patients.

I want to share with you some important information  and knowledge about nutrition/sport/lifestyle with “nutrient” to improve your health and life. Why? I have overcome health difficulties and I have felt on my own skin how best to react and move forward!

The benefits of adapting the daily nutrition, exercising and planing some relaxing time are huge and allow you to stay healthy and be productive in your daily wonderful life.

Scientific or non-scientific sources of my posts are often external links from official websites, such as those of the Swiss Confederation (in DE, FR, IT), the WHO (in EN, FR), the WCRF (in EN) or others.

My posts are most in Italian (IT), English (EN), French (FR) and German (DE).

My qualifications are:

bachelor in food technologies;

bachelor in life technologies (main) 

master in coaching

“to be healthy means to be able to fully enjoy each moment of your life”

My history about cancer

“The past: in 2016 I was a 42-year-old person working in the pharmaceutical industry as someone qualified as a food & biotech engineer (Bachelor of Science, BSc) to certify every batch of drugs before sale or delivery. Every batch must comply with relevant guidelines and requirements. It is a responsible position. I worked as a Qualified Person (QP). Living with a 9-year-old son. I was a person who knew how to manage work and family life perfectly, following the principle of ‘work/life/balance’.

What happened? I was diagnosed with a form of curable leukemia which was healed by the use of specific treatments. This cancer caused a resultant internal hemorrhage, so I was rushed to Hospital and miraculously saved. I tried to create an attitude of positivity, persistence and willingness to transform and improve my well-being. As a result, my life changed positively.

The transformations: following important operations and cancer treatments, my body, my personality and my life have undergone major transformations that I had accepted, finding inside an enrichment and learned to manage. Immediately after the operations, I was angry about my new situation: I had temporarilylost my body-balance which affected my ability to walk and, in general, to move and even my eyes and sight had changed. But I soon adopted this positive thought: ‘all the cells in my body will be reformed again, so wait and be patient’.

I practised patience, became more trustful and more positive, and I worked hard on improving my body’s well-being by making important changes in my daily nutrition, only after medical advices and controls, and always focussing on rehabilitation therapies. This all helped me to go forward, live more in the world of nature and, most importantly, to change my diet to a fish-vegan one, sometimes called a “seagan” diet. The nutritional value of this diet is confirmed by doctors specializing in nutrition. And, after a lot of research and experimenting with different diets, this seemed to be the one which worked best for me. The nutrition is very individual and should be adapted to each patient, but have to be composted with a 50% of vegetables.

I decided on a seagan diet only for healthy reasons, only after an accurate medical control and consultation with my doctors specialized in nutrition.

The seagan diet follows a vegan (plant-based) diet—that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, with fish (2-3 portions per week) and 1 egg each 2 weeks.

No red meat, no pork, no poultry, no diary, no sugars, no refined flour, no processed food, no junky food, less artificial added chemicals. The change of diet enabled me and helped me to recover easier, prevent further diseases and make rapid progress in improving my general well-being.

I have learned to transform my anger about situations that I can’t control into positive energy to heal, and I have found a new balance between ‘beat illness’ and ‘follow the flow of life’.


Having personally experienced the power of nutrition and medical therapies, I have decided to commit myself to share this story with you and hopefully inspire you. I’m deeply grateful to all the people whom I love for their precious presence, help and support during this difficult period of my life.

The progress of healing is miraculous!”



Last update 22.09.2019