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I’m a food engineer and biotechnologist, specialized in pharmaceutical quality, who for health reasons had to adapt his diet to become a seagan.

I’ll share with all of you my in-depth knowledge of nutrition, and, above all, the steps necessary to adapt your diet and how to move in the huge world of nutrition.

Have you ever had to adapt your diet? What and how to cook healthy and tasty food and still be satisfied? 

I had… one of my struggles was to find cooking tasty receipts and learn how to cook.

To solve this problem, I put all my energy into informing myself about how to do… I found people working with a healthy cooking and I asked them for help.

I have thus gained a new knowledge that all food can be easily transformed into a healthy and tasty one…

Now I can no longer return to traditional cuisine, because the huge benefits of this one! They are enormous (more energy, more health and more satisfaction). And, in addition, scientific studies published in last years have shown, with statistical evidence, that a plant-based diet is essential for our health.

In this post I inform you about the existence of our community in Facebook (on the e-Nutrient page).

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