In Switzerland bio means:

  • Natural diversity on the organic farm
  • Ethologically sound livestock management and feeding
  • No use of chemically synthesized pesticides or fertilizers
  • No use of genetic engineering
  • No use of unnecessary additives such as flavourings and colourings
  • Non-aggressive processing of foodstuffs
  • inspection of organic production and processing
  • packaging materials that respect the environment
  • no deception, Bio Suisse meet organic regulations

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In Europe it means:

  • Crops are rotated so that on-site resources are used efficiently
  • Chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics and other substances are severely restricted
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are banned
  • On-site resources are put to good use, such as manure for fertiliser or feed produced on the farm
  • Disease-resistant plant and animal species adapted to the local environment are used
  • Livestock are raised in a free-range, open-air environment and are fed on organic fodder
  • Animal husbandry practices are tailored to the various livestock species

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