The case against sugar

Gary Taubes is an investigative science and health journalist.
He is the author of the book The Case Against Sugar, please visit his link for more information.

My summary on it:

The book trace the history of medical research on sugar (with scientific studies), presents a

scientific evidence of the correlation between sugar and most diseases.

Sugar lights up the same pleasure receptors in the brain as drugs. So we became addicted, as with drugs: the more we consume, the more we feel we need it.

Sugar is hidden in most processed food and in the past years the sugar industry became really a powerful government lobby. Taubes believes that even small amounts of sugar may have long-term consequences and he compare it to tobacco use.

The Wall Street Journal define the book as a powerful weapon against future misinformation.

This book exists also in other languages (here the pictures):

Reduce sugar little by little to avoid the frustration (lack of sugar in the body). A frustration that leads to eating sugar excessively. Then replace sugar with fruit.

Here an interesting video in French: