Seasonality of fruit and vegetable

In this article, you can find the seasonality of fruit and vegetable (tables are in IT, DE, FR). Please notice that the seasonality described here refers to the Mediterranean basin and should be taken as a general indication (here for Switzerland).

Please consider also the meteorological differences occurring during the year and, prefer local and organic (BIO) fruit and vegetable

The tables below have been officially drafted by the FOAG (Federal Office for Agriculture, in German: Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft – BLW, in French: Office fédéral de l’agriculture – OFAG, in Italian: Ufficio federale dell’agricoltura -UFAG).

Please visit the official links below to open directly the seasonality table as a pdf document of 2 pages, drafted pro each language (German – DE, French – FR, Italian – IT). 


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