Correct nutrition

We invite people to regain a correct nutrition by eating (if possible seasonal, organic and local)

🥦 vegetables 50%🍽

🌾 whole grains 25% 🍽

🐟 protein-rich foods (like legumes or fish) 25%🍽

Replacing added sugar with fruits (see below) and foods that are too salty with those that are less salty.

🍎fruits (1-2 portion, preferably in the morning and NOT at the end of a meal)



✅ choose a whole-food plant-based diet (50% vegetables, 25% whole gains, 25% protein-rich foods like beans, soya, fish, egg):
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✅ eat raw food or steam them (preserve the best quality of nutrients for your body and health)

✅  always vary your meals (your breakfast, lunch and small dinner have to be different each day!)

Photography by Chiara Canale at Afiordigusto restaurant in Lugano


For the world cancer day 4.2.2019.

It doesn’t take long to be healthy and prevent diseases, you just have to pay more attention to these 3 simple little things:

✅ eat right 🥬🍵  (healthy nutrition, avoid sugar, have a personalized and diversified nutrition, eat min. 50% of vegetables, be followed by a professional, do blood tests once a year)

exercise 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️(have a daily aerobic activity like walking, at least 30′ and do also an anaerobic activity like swimming, at least 2x per week)

✅ relax and manage stress 🛌🧘🏼‍♀️ (sleep at least 8h, meditate, avoid absolutely stress)


✅ eat 1-2 portions of fruit per day

✅ buy only fresh, organic, local and seasonal fruit

✅ huge benefits (body, mind or health in general, see more below)

⛔️ if possible, do not buy tropical fruit (we live in EU)

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